Note to self: When wearing something valuable, secure it a little better while over large bodies of water.

John Poley of Sturgis learned this lesson the hard way on his honeymoon, and lost his wedding ring to the depths of North Myrtle Beach. Thankfully, he had a guardian jewelry-finding angel by the name of Officer Constransitch.

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John and his new wife Molly were having dinner at Senor Frogs on the pier when his ring slipped off his finger, and fell between two baseboards on the deck, falling into the water below. They left the restaurant that night, but reached out to local diver Donnie Constransitch, who also happens to be a North Myrtle Beach police officer.

He uses his spare time to dive for lost items, and attempted to find the ring while the Poleys were still in town for their honeymoon. He was unsuccessful due to the amount of metal under the pier - mostly knives and forks that had also fallen through the cracks from the restaurant above.

But Constransitch took another dive a few days after the couple headed home to Michigan, and by chance, pinpointed the ring and surfaced with it.


He called the couple, and put it in the mail. The couple was reunited with the ring a few days later.

The ring held special importance to John because it was a family heirloom from his grandfather. He was gifted the ring by his now-wife at a dinner thanks to his mother keeping the ring after her father's death.

You can watch the video below of Officer Constransitch finding the ring, and the Poley's receiving it back in the mail.

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