Super Bowl commercials arguably draw more people then the game itself. So is this Subaru ad a mistake or genius marketing?

If you stuck around after the final Hail Mary pass from Tom Brady that ended in an incompletion and ended the game, a commercial appeared on WOOD-TV 8 from Subaru of Muskegon. It's silent, no music, no announcer. Just a graphic congratulating the Patriots. The problem is that the Eagles won with a score of 41 to 33.

So my question is, did they really make a mistake or is this like the famous photo of President Truman holding a newspaper proclaiming "Dewey defeats Truman" even though we all know that Truman won. The photo is famous and pops up in Memes and photo galleries to this day. Will this Subaru boo-boo be something that people scoff or is it a way to get the name stuck in everyone's mind? Whatever the answer, I know I have already checked out the website.

It's the Ad They Intended to Run

UPDATE: WOOD-TV 8 tweeted about this "error" claiming that Subaru of Muskegon wished and intended to run the congratulations message despite the loss.

Monday morning, WXMI reported that indeed Suburu of Muskegon intended to run that ad, quoting from a statement from the dealer's Facebook page:

Truth revealed! Here's what happened.... We purchased our 30 second spot last minute on Wednesday evening. We did not have any creative in place, so we decided we would just do a silent ad with our logos. This had to be completed by Friday at noon and could not be modified after that point. Our owner, Scott Campbell, thought it would be a good idea to put "Congratulations Patriots", because they had the best chance at winning and even if they didn't win we would be congratulating Patriots on a great season and get some buzz on social media over it. This was not intended to be a slam on the Patriots or minimize the Eagles win. This was a last minute calculated risk and Superbowl commercials are all about getting attention for your brand and that's exactly what we wanted to accomplish.

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