How would you like to travel in a capsule that can take you from Cleveland Ohio to Chicago Illinois in 28 minutes?

Even better they are considering a stop in Detroit.

According to an article in Mlive a company based in California is looking to create a high-speed tube-based transportation system that would originate in Cleveland Ohio and speed to Chicago Illinois in about 28 minutes.  The company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) states that the capsule could theoretically reach speeds up to 760 miles per hour.

Even better a spokesman from the Michigan Department of Transportation stated:

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has reached out to us regarding the feasibility of a Detroit to Chicago line…No meeting has been scheduled, but we are willing to listen to their ideas.

I am very much interested in this technology, it would essentially replace the commercial airlines business in whatever region and stops they would build one.

HTT states that each capsule would be approximately 98 feet long and can hold between 28 and 40 passengers.

Sign me up, Scotty

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