No matter the season or the occasion, chocolate and candy make any day a little sweeter. Sweet Haven Candy Shop, owned by Liz Woods, has been serving delicious treats to the South Haven area since 2016. Here you will find homemade treats like fudge, taffy, and caramels in a wide selection of styles. With so many flavors to share, Sweet Haven Candy Shop will be expanding to 315 State St. in downtown St. Joseph by the end of summer 2022. There aren’t many traditional, old-school candy and soda shops left, so it is exciting to know these retro candies are continuing on in the Southwest Michigan region. 

Shop Full of Flavors 

Not only does Sweet Haven Candy have plenty of chocolaty treats to choose from, their current South Haven location has a wall of 24 flavors of jelly belly beans. One of my personal favorite chocolate treats that I can only find at aquariums and the like, are chocolate covered rocks. They also have 36 flavors of their famous nougat-style soft saltwater taffy.  

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Be sure to check out their Facebook or Instagram to keep up with their holiday specials. If you’re in the Southwest Michigan area and wanting to try Sweet Haven Candy Shop without the drive, though with both locations being so close to Lake Michigan this would be the perfect stop after a beach day, shipping is available but varies by availability and dates. When ordering shipping, it is important to note that certain items will cause the price to adjust due to the weight of the treats. Depending on the distance from the shop, delivery is also an option. 

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