2016 election

To Recount or Not to Recount Election Results in Michigan
According to a campaign official, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has hired former firebrand Michigan Democratic Party chairman Mark Brewer as her attorney (I had no idea he was an attorney due to the way he acted) in a statewide hand recount Ms...
Electoral College vs the Popular Vote
The Electoral College was established in the Constitution by the founding fathers as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens.
The term “electoral college” does not …
What Are The Big Issues In The Race Right Now?
Well the national debt is nearly $19 Trillion dollars and Donald Trump one of the favorites to win the Republican nomination says at $24 Trillion there is no coming back- it will be over. And that is just for starters.
How about these other measures:
Gay rights are paramount it seems while religious r…