Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Michigan Cancels Most Remaining Virus Rules At Midnight
Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer says as of midnight she’s pulling back most of her unilateral COVID-19 control measures. The state’s residents and businesses have endured nearly a year and a half of mask orders and severe limits on personal activity and mobility.
Michigan Employers Can’t Get People Back To Work
West Michigan Republican State Representative Luke Meerman says it’s time Michigan dumps federal extended unemployment benefits. Meerman says the idea of paying people an extra $300 a week for unemployment is a major factor behind many refusing to go back to work.
Do You Want Michigan COVID Rules Made Permanent?
One of the most critical decisions facing the departments is whether to follow a request from the Whitmer administration to make some current COVID-19 workplace rules permanent. That includes workplace and business setting mask rules and working from home rules.

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