Here we go again: Road Funding
Surprise Surprise, what appears to be out of the blue the Michigan House of Representatives passed a $1.2 billion dollar road funding plan.  Now on to the Senate it goes.
I say I am surprised because we heard nothing about them being close to a deal and surprisingly it appears there were no leak…
Possible Bipartisan MI Road Deal
Apparently there may be a new bipartisan road funding bill brewing in Michigan’s legislature.
The Detroit News is reporting on a new deal emerging from both the Michigan Senate and House forged by four Republican and Democrat leaders of the Senate and House.
Well Here It Is: New Road Funding Plan
Well he promised a plan and he delivered on that promise, Rep. Kevin Cotter Michigan’s House Speaker presented the plan to the state today.
As being reported by the Detroit News, the plan would generate $1.05 billion dollars annually (eventually, not right away) for infrastructure rep…
A Resounding NO!
From the calls of my listeners on air and everyone I spoke to off air I did not think it would pass, but I did not think it would go down in a blaze of glory like it did.
Did you?
Yesterday Michigan voters said no to Prop 1 in one of the biggest landslide defeats since the 70’s and 80’s,
It was defeate…
Snyder's Epic Loss Called Months Ago
This article was originally published on January 21, 2015 when it became clear to me that the Governor and members of both parties had dodged the responsibility given them by the voters and returned the question of funding rebuilding Michigan's roads and infrastructure to the Michigan taxpayers…
End of the Road
Finally we will be able to put the ballot initiative known as Proposal 1 behind us. It was an ill conceived and poorly executed plan with the idea of fixing Michigan’s roads as its source.
Gov Snyder Prop 1 Interview Audio
I interviewed Governor Snyder on Wednesday April 8th to discuss his views on the upcoming ballot proposal Prop 1, the increase of Michigan's sales tax from 6% to 7%.
Here is the interview:
Gov. Snyder On Renk's Show
Governor Snyder will be on my show tomorrow (Wednesday, April 8) at 9:35 am to discuss Proposal 1 (Michigan Sales Tax Increase).
Please tune in to hear his thoughts on the proposal. On the Live with Renk show, which airs Monday through Friday 9 a...