It Sounds Better When It's Called "Drug Diversion"
The agreement to pay the penalties settles an investigation by federal agents that has spanned several years. Central to the government’s findings are the discoveries that McLaren pharmacists were actually handing out opioids and other drugs to people who had no valid prescriptions.
Is Former Governor Snyder Being Railroaded?
Former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is the first in Michigan’s history to be charged with a crime relating to actions as the state’s chief executive. He and a handful of former staffers are charged with crimes relating to the Flint water contamination mess...
Calhoun County Leader Says Open The State
Frisbie is telling the Governor the time has come to reopen the state. The ripple effect of financial losses through the business community he says is staggering and cannot continue. Every job says Frisbie, is essential.

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