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Lakeview Grad, Western Bronco Playing in Collegiate All-Star Game
College football has not quite finished.

Towards the end of January, several senior college players get an opportunity to play in All-Star games that could give NFL scouts an opportunity to see potential draft picks for their representing teams. A Battle Creek native will have that opportunity to p…
PJ Fleck Gets To Take 'Row The Boat' to Minnesota
When PJ Fleck left West Michigan University for the head coaching job at University of Minnesota, everyone wondered what would happen to the “Row The Boat” mantra that Fleck had made so prominent.
Even at his first press conference after taking the head football coach job …
10 Years Ago: PJ Fleck's 2006 NFL Head Shot
P.J. Fleck has come onto the national sports scene as he guided Western Michigan University to an undefeated season and an appearance in the Cotton Bowl. Fewer will remember him from his time with the San Fransisco 49ers. Here's a look back at Fleck's 2006 NFL 2006 headshot.

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