Renk: United States Currency and Slave Owners
It is all the rage these days to destroy any history of the United States that involves slavery, slave owners or those who fought for the confederacy. This includes any governmental objects that display or honor those who fought for the confederacy or symbols of those who were slave owners.
What Number is Fair to Michiganders?
According to the Michigan Department of Treasury, in 2012 the top 1% of Michigan earners paid 15% of our total state income tax collected and the bottom 33% of Michigan earners received $245 million more than they paid in.
My Thoughts On Gay Marriage
It is fitting that the President’s current residence is colorless (white being about as colorless as you can get). In some sense it is beautifully symbolic like the white of a wedding dress or funeral attire in some Eastern cultures.
Boating and Drinking Just Got More Dangerous
Watch out boaters!
In Michigan, drunk boating limits have been lowered from .10 to .08 blood-alcohol level.
The .08 blood-alcohol limit puts driving a boat while “drunk” on par with driving a car while “drunk.”
Not that this law change will deter most people from drinking and driving a boat — what shou…
Interview with Sen. Rand Paul On Renk
I will be interviewing Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) Republican primary candidate for U.S. President today at 10:06 am.
I will be asking him about his outreach to the black community.
What is his message to minorities in the context of the recent events in Baltimore, New York, and Ferguson regarding …