Take a virtual fall color tour of the longest covered bridge in Michigan as well as the United States.

The Langley Covered Bridge spans 282 feet across the St. Joseph River, according to Wikipedia. The bridge is made up of three spans and is made of the Howe truss construction. The frame and timbers are constructed of White pine. It is estimated on average that 1,700 vehicles a day use the Langley Covered Bridge.

When the Sturgis Dam was installed the bridge had to be raised eight feet. In a two-year period, 1950–51, the St. Joseph County Road commission undertook work to help preserve the bridge for use by future generations. To accomplish this the old foundation timbers had to be replaced by wood reinforced with steel beams.

There are three main restrictions on the bridge. There is a three-short-ton weight limitation, a seven-foot height restriction, and there is a limit on how wide vehicles can be. Many warning signs are leading up to the bridge to warn of the restrictions. Despite the best of efforts, the Covered Bridge has been damaged many times by vehicles that were too tall, wide, and heavy. The Saint Joseph County Road Commission eventually plans to close the historic bridge to vehicle traffic and only allow foot traffic.

Virtual Fall Color Tour Of The Centreville Covered Bridge

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