On a day that celebrates the peaceful transfer of power in the United States a public school teacher in California drew a picture of President Trump as Adolf Hitler.

This is what some of our schools have come to.

The English teacher at Verdugo Hills High School, as reported by Fox News told his/her (teacher was not identified by the school district) classroom that Trump and Hitler are one in the same.

First of all why was an English teacher talking about this and second what discipline will the school district take?

Should this “teacher” be allowed to be in front of children, I say a resounding NO!

According to the article the Los Angeles Unified School District stated:

“While all personnel matters are confidential, the District is aware of this incident and will take appropriate action.  The District is committed to providing a civil and respectful learning and working environment. All employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.”

Anything short of being suspended or fired is not good enough for me.

This my friends is what many of our children our facing in our taxpayer funded classrooms, and we wonder why some school districts are having academic problems.

I am not attempting to say the majority of children our facing troubled people like this teacher but enough are that we must put a stop to this.  I have been reporting on actions like this for years and I am tired of these extremist being allowed in front of the children of the United States.

Enough is enough now the grown-ups must take over.

Written by Renk,

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