At the University of Michigan, the North Campus Turkey has been neutralized.

After a reign of terror near the UM Transportation Research Institute, a DNR officer, backed up by Ann Arbor police, killed the turkey Monday, September 16th, at 9am. This turkey had terrorized the area for months, maybe as far back as the spring of 2018. According to, the gobbler was accused of using "aggressive behavior that included chasing bicyclists, walkers and joggers". At the time of his death, DNR officers were attempting to capture him. After a short police chase, he turned and showed aggression toward the officers, who had no choice but to use deadly force. DNR Law Enforcement Division Lt. Andrew Turner said, "he was acting aggressively toward the officers and that is why he was euthanized.”

According to reports, this spring, "decoy cut-outs of coyotes that rotate in the wind were installed near the UM Transportation Research Institute building with the intent of keeping the turkey away, and notes posted asking people to avoid interaction with the wild turkeys".

Get a grip, people - flimsy cut-outs don't work when you're dealing with a terrorist. And letting them have their way by avoiding them doesn't work, either. Did we learn nothing from Neville Chamberlain appeasing Adolph Hitler?

Sleep tight Ann Arbor. And thank your police and the DNR for standing up to aggression. You'll jog unafraid tomorrow, because the North Campus Turkey is dead.


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