As I sat down to write something about this decade that is ending, it's hard to get away from talking about tech stuff. Our lives have been taken over by it, and tech ruined so many lives, but good or bad, it keeps moving forward.

Flashback about 10 years ago; the NBT (Next Big Thing) was going to be Netbooks. Cheap laptops. Until people started to use them.  Nope. Next. But, from that fail evolved into Ipads and Chromebooks.

Facebook was around in 2010, but how many folks figured it would be this. (Just saw today, it was the most downloaded app of the decade.) It brought many people together, but it also pitted many "friends" against each other. What Facebook did was shine a light and show us the real side to people.  And the company had a hand in not only exposing people's personal information, but also in destroying the news business, which we may not even realize for another ten years, how much damage that caused.

Here's one colossal waste of money. A internet connected juicer. Really, you want to go online to use your juicer?

The Galaxy Note 7 was fast, sleek and oh, flammable. Ooops.

Anyone remember the Google Nexus Q? What about Samsung's Bixby?

Then there's VR glasses and headsets, but does anyone remember 3-D TV? I remember going to Sam's Club or Costco, and watching a few minutes of a concert with these special 3-D glasses, but so what. Who was going to spend well over a thousand dollars on that? Apparently, no one.

P.T. Barnum said it best over almost 150 years ago. "There's a sucker born every minute."

Ten years from now, let's get back together and look back at another decade of wasted time and wasted money.




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