Will we be able to see the coolest meteor shower of the year in Kalamazoo or Battle Creek?

Space.com tells us we could see this amazing light show in the sky this Thursday and Friday Nights,

What might well be the best meteor shower of 2018 heads our way Thursday night into the pre-dawn hours of Friday morning (Dec. 13-14): It's the annual performance of the Geminid meteor shower.

The Geminids get their name from the constellation of Gemini, the twins. During the overnight hours of Thursday to Friday, the night of this shower's maximum, the meteors will appear to emanate from a spot in the sky near the bright star Castor in Gemini.

The only thing that may stand in the way of Southwest Michigan seeing the Geminid Meteor Shower would be the weather.  There's a chance of rain Thursday and Friday Night.

Your best chance of seeing the sky falling will be between Midnight and 4am.  The meteor shower is expecting to peak around 7 am Eastern Time Friday morning.  The further you are away from "light pollution" the better.  The glare of city lights can interfere with the view.

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