The Michigan Supreme Court will be hearing arguments this Thursday concerning the First amendment and faith based schools.

The case originated from parents of a eighth grade girl who was rejected by Notre Dame Preparatory High School in Pontiac Michigan. They believe she was denied acceptance to the school in 2014 because of a learning disability, and because of that they sued the school.

The school stated in the original case that their decision was made quite a bit before she was diagnosed with dyslexia and attention-deficit disorder.

The parents lost their original case and back in 2015 an appeals court sided with the original court.

The faith based schools believe the First Amendment protects their decision process.

I gave you the above facts but quite frankly I believe none of that should matter. Why is this case in front of any court?

The answer to this is very simple and it is as follows:

The State tells faith based organizations that they are allowed to receive ZERO taxpayer dollars to education Michigan children. Fine then Michigan you have ZERO business when it comes to faith based schools acceptance polices.

Next case!

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