If you like the darker side of life this museum is for you

The Death Museum has opened their doors just outside of Detroit! This strange museum has collections that will thrill any horror film fan!

Here is just a taste of the exhibits you will be able to witness...

  • An original Victorian coffin
  • A coffin from 1865
  • A human medical skeleton
  • A Naga headhunters trophy skull
  • A 1920's child embalming table made by the Detroit Casket Co.
  • A corpse shoe used on a dead body for viewing
  • An amputation bone saw and knife from the 1930's
  • A morticians portable embalming kit
  • A used Turner embalming machine with human medical skull

Even though the museum has only been open for a few weeks, the reviews are pouring in! Here are just a few...

Lyle Kramp reported on Museum's Facebook page... I love the museum can't say enough so awesome and unique

April Peters stated...THIS museum is a MUST see! Only one of its kind in Michigan!

Novatastical! said...Informative and enlightening. A MUST visit!

If you have had a hankering for the unusual, choose to visit the museum, here is what you need to know!

Here are the hours and cost if you plan a trip to the Death Museum 

  • Hours: Tuesday - Sunday from Noon to 8:00 p.m. (Closed Mondays)
  • Admission:$7 per person, $4 for kids 16 & under.
  • Group Rates: $6 each for 4 or more, $5 each for 7 or more
  • Personal guided tour: $6 extra

It can be a version of Halloween every day if you visit this museum!

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