Surveillance video shows would-be bandits shattering the glass of the front door of The Dock at Bayview before fleeing the scene.

UPDATE: The suspects have been apprehended and are in custody facing a number of charges. The Dock at Bayview owner Jennifer Jeffey shared the joyous news Thursday evening on her Facebook page:

A HUGE thank you to all who shared the photos and videos from our attempted break in! Several of the leads were very helpful in breaking this case!! The individuals confessed to the attempt of B&E at The Dock and many others. They will hopefully be off the streets for a long time!

How awesome of community to all come together to get to the bottom of this!! It shows that social media is not always bad, and in this case it helped get some information needed to the right people.

A huge thank you to Kalamazoo County and Other law enforcement who had a part in this as well. Especially Richland Police Department who went above and beyond to help in the case and ensure safety of my staff and myself!! Thanks guys!

In stories like this, we have to use words like "alleged" because we can only guess at motives, but it seems clear that the person seen clearing broken glass planned to enter the bar.

As for the next move, we can only guess as the suspect never entered the building but is seen fleeing the scene in the second video.

It happened late Monday night/early Tuesday morning on July 30 or 31 at The Dock at Bayview, on Gull Lake in Richland. As owner Jennifer Jeffrey shared the video and photos on Facebook, the amateur sleuths went to work, surmising that the white car seen was a BMW, Honda or possibly an Audi.

By Tuesday afternoon, it was known that the car was a BMW as it turned up on surveillance video at the gas station RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOCK.

We're hearing reports of other break-ins in the same area, possibly the same suspects and will update the story as police move in to capture these guys.

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