If you're on social media, or if you pay attention to sports talk on radio or TV, you know it gets ugly first, and maybe, reasonable second. Frustrated Lions fans are, understandably, first to vent given their history for the past sixty years. One of the easiest targets recently has been quarterback Matthew Stafford.

But what is virtually always overlooked is that these are still human beings - they are sons, husbands, fathers. Stafford's family has recently been on a very emotional roller coaster as Matt's wife, Kelly, had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. The mother of three had surgery to remove the growth, "an acoustic neuroma, a non-cancerous brain tumor that can impact balance and hearing" last week, and went home but was re-admitted to the hospital, according to the Detroit News.

Despite the latest news, there were reports that Stafford was at the Lions' facility putting in the work necessary in preparation for the coming season in September.

What's the point of all this? It's okay to boo someone's performance, but remember, they are still human beings. Keep it to the professional life and even then, remember, there may be factors you don't know about affecting performance.

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