I know, it felt like Summer just a couple days ago.  However, we may see more than frost on the pumpkin soon.

News Channel 3's Randi Burns got a lot of attention mentioning the "s" word on facebook this week.  That "s" word of course being snow.  Sorry, I had to say it.

Before we get to excited, the snow Burns speaks of is not a solid forecast as much as it is based on history as she quotes Bill Marino from the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids,

In Grand Rapids, we start seeing some measurable snow by the middle of October.  You might remember ... in 2006 on October 12 we had a really impressive snowstorm, it was like 8 inches in Hastings. That was the record earliest big snowstorm, as far as I know, in our county warning area.

From the moment I'm writing this we are less than a week from the middle of October.  The 7 - 10 day forecast does show temps dropping into the 30's for overnight lows but not below freezing.  I'm no meteorologist, but I think we might be safe until November.  I have to follow that educated guess with the fact this we do live in Michigan and we know how mother nature can switch directions on us with very little notice.

This year we could see a very similar winter as last year with a weak El Nino system that gave us a very snowy November followed by a mild December.

Randi Burns goes on to point out that on average we see our first snowfall in Kalamazoo on November 17th.

Are you listening mother nature?  Leave our Halloween alone.


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