There are those among us that just refuse to admit they were wrong about their ardent opposition to Donald Trump and are sticking to the #NeverTrump movement like old grease sticks to your fingers. Despite the fact that the old grease is of no value any more and it should be cleaned away as soon as possible, there it is stuck under your nails and collecting filth.

One of my friends even began touting Libertarian Gary Johnson as a fine alternative to Donald Trump he claims. Really? Lets see now, Johnson believes we should legalize marijuana nationwide, reduce defense spending by more than 40%, should never have fought World War Two and should become much more isolated. These are conservative values?

Get serious.

Hillary Clinton is the most clear and present danger to the future of the republic, maybe ever. She is a bully with a mean streak and a temper that is legendary according to members of the Secret Service that know her well. Donald Trump is a wild card but Hillary is the Joker and that we all know already.

The bottom line is this; never Trump means always Hillary!

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