Legend has it that there once was a movie that was set and filmed in its entirety right here in Kalamazoo.

Titled "Kalamazoo?", the movie follows three women who have returned to Kalamazoo for a high school reunion only to learn that a time capsule containing some embarrassing future goals will be opened and read aloud at the event. The IMDB description goes on to say that the women then set off on a quest to destroy the evidence of those embarrassing future goals. The most notable name in the cast is Mayim Bialik, otherwise known as Amy Farrah Fowler in 'The Big Bang Theory' and Blossom from 'Blossom'.

Here's the thing...I can't find this movie ANYWHERE. And I'm not alone. I took to Reddit in the hopes that fellow Kalamazoo residents would have some answers but only found a post asking the same question, "Does anyone know where I can find the Kalamazoo movie?"

One user, u/TiffkaKitka, wrote: If you go to any KPL library branch you can see if they have it, and if they don't ask about MelCat and they can have the movie sent to the library from any other library in Michigan that has the movie. 

However, I've searched the Kalamazoo Public Library system, the Michigan Public Library system and found nothing. Nada. Zip!

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So, I took to Youtube. In the past, I've been surprised by the fact that several full-length movies are found on Youtube. But, again, no luck there. The only thing I did find was this trailer:

Still, I was determined. I've checked Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Starz, HBO, Paramount plus, random internet search results and have come up empty handed.

I did find a Facebook page dedicated to the movie. It hasn't been updated since 2017 but they at least give a few clips from the movie like this one:

Honestly, the movie doesn't look like an Oscar winner but my stubbornness will not allow me to discontinue my search until I'm successful! So, I'm asking for your help. Do you own a copy? Know exactly where to get one? Does this movie ACTUALLY exist or is this a big prank?? I must know!

For now, this quest is stamped with a big ol' F for failure. But, I shall press on. Wish me luck.

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