Another one of the recent stops on my vacation was Niagara Falls, Ontario.  I have been there before but this was the first time I experienced the falls up close.

If you ever make it to the falls you need to do the Hornblower Niagara Cruise and the Journey Behind the Falls.    The two will get you up close with the mighty horseshoe falls.

My wife and I had the chance to experience both and it was great.   The Journey Behind the Falls takes you down behind the falls.    You get to experience 2 portals that are behind the falls.    All you can see is the water but you can hear and feel the roar of the falls.

You can also go out on a platform and see the falls up close.   This is a great view of the falls and along with the Hornblower Cruise, I think the best close up view you can get of the horseshoe falls.

Photo by Mrs. Fly

The Hornblower Cruise is the Canadian side version of the Maid of The Mist.   This is a boat cruise that will take you into the mist of the Falls.   My wife and I were the first ones on the boat so we got to decide where we wanted to be.   We ended up being in the very front of the boat.

The cruise first takes you past the American Falls and Bridal Veil falls in New York.  You feel some of the mist from those but nowhere near what you experience from the mighty horseshoe falls.

Photo by Mrs. Fly

It takes you right into the middle of the mist and you get wet.  They do supply you with a Poncho but you will still get a little wet.    The water was rough and it was spraying into the front of the boat.   On a hot day this is a great way to cool down.   The trip is about 20 minutes but it feels like your in the mist for 10 minutes.

It is an experience that I enjoyed and if I ever go back will do again.   If you ever get the opportunity to go to the falls in either Ontario or New York do it.