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Get ready Michigan, because our most miserable day of the entire year is coming up next week and we better be prepared to deal with it. It's hard to really pin down what the worst month is in our state. Statistically speaking, we get the most snow usually in January or February, so it shouldn't come to us as much of surprise that one site is claiming that January 11th, which falls on a Tuesday, will be our most miserable day of the entire 2022 year.

The site wiki.ezvid.com collected data based on a survey of 3,000 Americans, and average temperature/rainfall between 1980-2016 to get the numbers that determined that our crappy day will be hitting us early this year. I say good, let's get it out of the way. But the lingering effects of the pandemic may have had an overall bad effect on us as well, as another of their surveys says that 33% of us have been exercising less as well.

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Trouble For Our Southern Neighbors

The same survey had a funny outcome for both Ohio and Indiana, as it says their most miserable days of the year both lie on February 14th, which is also Valentine's Day. Looks like there's some serious love trouble going on for them.

What Does History Show?

Is it coincidence that on January 11, 1805, President Thomas Jefferson signed an act establishing the Michigan Territory? It was also the date that Michigan State Senator Warren G. Hooper was assassinated before testifying about legislative bribes in 1945. Other things of significance happened on this date in the past, but I guess we'll have to wait and see how the day plays out, or if it ends up being just another dud survey.

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