I’ve had an ongoing debate with a liberal friend of mine about the fate of Sean Spicer. It is one of the things we can agree on these days. Although to be fair I should point out that he predicted Trump would get no more than 150 Electoral Votes on Election Day and has readily admitted ever since that he wasn’t even close on that call. So we agree on the fact that he was really really wrong on Election Day and the dislike of Hillary Clinton across America’s Heartland.

We do have a bi-partisan conversation however when it comes to Spicer and his job as Press Secretary for President Trump. Spicer’s debut was a train wreck and it hasn’t appreciably improved since. My biggest impression of his first performance in front of the press when he lashed out was something different than most. What I saw was a guy who had never tested the podium. It was cartoonish how short he appeared behind the lectern. I mean Hillary was smart enough to demand a different sized podium before her debates with Donald Trump so she didn’t have a diminutive appearance on stage.

On his maiden voyage Spicer looked like he should be working at the Keebler tree or worse like a petulant fifth grader having a tantrum in front of the class.

Since then he has been combative, flippant, unsteady and sometimes just plain offensive in his analogies like the comparison of Syria and Nazi Germany.

My friend asked me a couple of days into the new Presidency how long I thought Spicer would maintain his position as Press Secretary. I didn’t blink and I didn’t hesitate, I said less than six months. He is just so uncomfortable and he is on every single news program in America and around the world almost every night. I am sorry because I think he is smart enough and tough enough but in this day of TV consumers he is not what the administration needs. He just doesn’t come across the way he should.

Spicer needs to be the one guy selling the Trump brand everyday in a smooth and believable way. He just isn’t getting it done right now. If the President is smart he may use the latest shake-up to re-think who is out front each day delivering the talking points and spinning the message.

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