Michigan Health and Human Service Department Director Robert Gordon had been making some lofty claims through the COVID-19 virus outbreak. And ever since the Michigan State Supreme Court ruled Executive Orders from Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer are unconstitutional, she has relied on Gordon’s department to issue end-around orders to keep her in unilateral control of the state.  She needs him to control what is happening across Michigan.

But now, at least one media outlet is challenging whether Gordon’s statements supporting business shutdowns and restrictions are all that accurate. Bridge Michigan is publishing a long report that says in essence, Gordon’s claims about shutdowns being effective may be less definitive than he wants state residents to believe.

Bridge Michigan turned to Lindsey Leininger at Dartmouth College. Leininger is a clinical professor of business administration at Dartmouth.  Her pointed quote presented by Bridge is to the point. She says, “To attribute cause and effect is a tough thing to do.” In other words, the business professor says shutting down restaurants and then claiming that has an effect on medical issues is a stretch at best.

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The Bridge Michigan report points out it could take many years of pouring over all kinds of data before business analysts and scientists will be able to reach any kind of serious conclusion to support or reject the claims made by department Director Gordon and Governor Whitmer.

A comparison of basic numbers from the states of Tennessee and California are used as an example. Those two states are averaging more than 1,000 new cases daily, more than double the rate here in Michigan. But there is no mask mandate, or ban on restaurant or bar seating in Tennessee. California has all three. Different approaches, same results. But one method is not forcing the closing of businesses and jobs leading to massive financial losses and higher unemployment. The other certainly is, just like in Michigan.

A recent comment from department Director Gordon here in Michigan may come back to haunt him and the Governor. Referencing closings and restrictions, Gordon claimed, “The pause is working.”

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