Imagine, if you will, a man from Paw Paw, Michigan who could set fire to cloth or paper with just his breath. 

Asberry William Underwood (born c. 1855) was a young African American man from Paw Paw purported in his time to have pyrokinetic abilities. -Wikipedia

It was also reported in Unexplained, An online magazine that Mr. Underwood was examined and scrutinized by a Dr. Woodman who stated that his ability was authentic. The website stated,

The doctor also noticed that Underwood would hold the cloth or other material against his mouth so that he could force his breath through it, thus condensing whatever strange process it was. The doctors washed Underwood's mouth out with various mixtures, and obliged him to wear surgeon's rubber gloves - but it made no difference - the phenomenon carried on as normal.


Underwood died in 1937 and was buried at the Almena Township Cemetery in Van Buren County. There are still residence in the area. I have made attempts to contact them but have not received a return on my inquiries. If you know anything about this story or know of photos of A. W. Underwood, please tell us.

BONUS VIDEO: Paw Paw's Maple Lake in the fall of 2016

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