Thanks to the ban and regulation of pesticides, the Peregrine Falcon is thriving again!

Michigan along with a number of U.S. states have not seen the Peregrine Falcon soar in their state since the 1960's. The loss was due to Unregulated use of pesticides that  had impacted their ability to reproduce over a number of years. Good news is that has all changed!  Thanks to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, they monitor the falcons and dedicate time each spring to tagging new chicks and conducting medical screenings.

Matt Pedigo, chair of the Michigan Wildlife Council talked to the Detroit Free Press about the return of the Falcon...

Peregrine falcons are a living symbol of the wildlife management success that’s possible with public and private groups, scientists and volunteers all working together, and thanks to that work, Michigan’s wildlife and natural resources can be enjoyed for generations to come.

It is exciting to have these creatures in our skies again and Wikipedia reported the most interesting information about the falcons mating courtship...

A pair mates for life and returns to the same nesting spot annually. The courtship flight includes a mix of aerial acrobatics, precise spirals, and steep dives The male passes prey it has caught to the female in mid-air. To make this possible, the female actually flies upside-down to receive the food from the male's talons.

Not to be a lookie-loo when the birds are falling in love, but that would be cool to see the passing of the food!

Here are some other fun facts about the Peregrine Falcon...

Is it a bird, or a plane?!? No It's a Peregrine Falcon!

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