The very musical name of our city has been used in another song, this one a melancholy country ballad by The Wildcatters.

Glenn Miller has the most famous in "(I've Got a Gal from) Kalamazoo," but there have been many songs with "Kalamazoo" in the lyrics. The latest is a tale of leaving and loss form a San Angelo, Texas outfit calling themselves The Wildcatters.

Their music is described as "inspired by Texas country, red dirt, blues, and Americana sound," and you know it's going to be a sad song from the plaintive opening notes and the lyric "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, baby it looks like I'll be leaving you."


And I couldn't wait to get away from you,

that's why you'll get this letter from Kalamazoo

-The Wildcatters

Why did the relationship fail? Technology. The renegade lover complains, "I wish you cared about me as much as your cell phone." The song "Letter from Kalamazoo" is on the Wildcatters just-released ep Out of State.

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