After watching the Super Bowl last night I realized something very stunning and monumental for the Detroit Lions organization. Last night before the game began, the NFL played a commercial which celebrated 100 years of the league being in operation. The commercial started out with a kid playing football, and being told the entire commercial to "take it to the house." The house, in this sense, was the sight of Super Bowl 54 in Miami, Florida. In the commercial the kid is running all over the country with the football and comes into contact with some of the biggest names in Football history.

The elaborate and spectacular commercial ends with the kid walking down the tunnel in the stadium being applauded by some more NFL greats (Including Barry Sanders) before being handed the game ball and being told, "You know what to do." After that, him and 32 other kids, each wearing a different NFL jersey, run to the center of the field and celebrate the next 100 years. This was a monumental moment for the Lions, as it was the first time you've ever seen a Detroit Lions jersey on the field during a Super Bowl. In fact, the kid who wore the Lions jersey is from Grand Rapids. Judah Slendebroek may be the luck we need to get there one day.

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