I usually do not write about sports but this being the Super Bowl and all of the hype that goes with it I felt the need to.

When I say all the hype I really mean all the hype, think about how people speak about the upcoming commercials and how great they might be, then we move on to the halftime show in which they appear to spend a lot of money on the production on and then of course the game.

The game I believe will go down as the most boring and worst played by any team.  The Patriots won 13-3, or I should say the actually did not win the game but fell into the win, I guess someone had to win the game.  The great Tom Brady played poorly or as many would say the defense of the Rams played well.  Yes the defense of the Ram’s did play well but not that well.

The very young coach who was heralded as an offensive phenom apparently is not that great of an offensive genus as portrayed.   He could not figure out how to even get first downs so forget about even being able to score.  The Rams quarterback Jarod Goff completed only five passes in the first half and eventually completed19 of 38 for 229 yards.  The coach for the Rams, Sean McCay was quoted saying:

I think the biggest thing is that the play selection didn’t give him much of a chance

If that is true much of the blame then falls on the offensive phenom coach McVay.  It was not all his vault the offense could not execute a play if they had to.

The commercials that everyone who is not a football fan might watch the game to see the entertainment value of the commercials where nothing to speak about either.

How much money did these companies spend on the production of these commercials, I hope not much.  Also just think of how much these companies paid for those commercials to air.  How much did the Super Bowl commercials cost these companies?  CBS charged a record $5.25 million for just a 30-second spot during the championship match-up, that is roughly $175,000 per second.  Can they get their money back?

Finally the halftime show, a show that appears the Super Bowl spent quite a bit of money to produced, produced what I consider a dud.

There I got it out of my system and all of us who are football fans or fans of the hype around the game, commercials and halftime show will now have to wait another 12 months to actually see a real game.

The only people who were probably happy about the games are those of you who bet on the game via the infamous office squares and had the number 3 for New England and 0 for the Rams.  They won half of the money on the table, congratulations.

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