The theme of "what's going to be different" continues several times each day.  We've been speculating on just about every issue and will continue to do so for some time; even after a cure or vaccine is found.

Even though we stop the Coronavirus we can't stop the domino or ripple effect that the shutdown created.  As one problem creates another that problem then does the same.  One of the best examples is closing restaurants created the problem of food not being purchased which caused trucking to become less necessary thereby interrupting the supply chain.

The formula will continue in other areas which will cause a dangerous shortfall for cities and states.  We already see and hear that budgets will be drastically underfunded which will force a need for increased revenue from other never before used sources.

One of those sources just may be a Michigan toll road.  The idea has been floated in the last couple of years and today's circumstances may cause it to pick up steam.  Well, it's starting to get steamy as the Michigan legislature is taking up the issue due to a road funding shortfall that has reached emergency levels.

Let's face it, the state is going to need more money and this is certainly not a new idea.  The only state close to us that doesn't have a toll road is Wisconsin.  Yesterday the House Transportation Committee voted to  pass a bill that would approve a feasibility study for toll roads in Michigan.

The roads that have been mentioned are I-94, US 131, I-69, I-96 and US 127.  Lets see...what do 4 of the 5 have in common?  West Michigan.  What about the Detroit area?  I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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