Isn't it amazing that a small locally owned business can offer their employees a weeks paid vacation, meanwhile there are billion dollar companies who can't even show their employees that respect. The owners of Theo and Stacy's in Downtown Kalamazoo announced yesterday that because they value their employees so much for their hard work through the pandemic, all their employees will be receiving a week's bonus and the whole time off.

In a statement made on their Facebook, one their employees publicly expressed their appreciation for the owners:

I just wanted to say as one of the employees of Theo & Stacys Downtown I am truly blessed to work for such an amazing place and amazing women, who not only work harder then anyone of us but also treats all us staff like family and customers as family I have never worked for anyplace or anyone who treated me and my family like I was a part of their own family Thank you Stacy and Betty for this week off and for everything you do for all of us.

The owners shot down inquiries that this action was a cover up for someone testing positive for Covid-19, saying: "100% positive that is NOT the case. We have had this time off scheduled since late June and our staff has planned their staycations around the week."

I wish more companies would take care of their employees the way they are. Anyone working with people right now is exposed and vulnerable to getting sick. It's nice to know small businesses can treat their employees better than billion dollar companies.

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