There are two types of people when it comes to celebrating the spooky season.

The first person absolutely hates this time of year and wants nothing to do with it. Every little squeak and bump in the night could be something that's going to try and get them.

Then there is the other person that loves to be scared and searches for those things to make them scream with fear and delight. If you're one of these kinds of people then these six haunted hotels in Michigan are just what you've been looking for.

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Get our free mobile app has shared a list of haunted hotels in each state across the country. We're going to take a look at some of them you can find in Michigan. I've shared with you the name of the hotel, where it's located, and what makes it haunted.

These 6 Haunted Hotels In Michigan Have Some Guests That Won't Check Out

The Henderson Castle

Location: 100 Monroe St, Kalamazoo, MI 49006

Story: According to Denise Gowen-Krueger who is with the Southern Michigan ParaNormals There are the spirits of Frank and Mary Henderson, the castle’s original owners. There’s the spirit of Clare Burleigh, a Spanish-American War veteran who served with the Henderson’s son. There’s the spirit of at least one unidentified child, a little girl. and There’s even the spirit of a dog.


The Henry

Location: 300 Town Center Drive, Dearborn, Michigan 48126

Story: This hotel was once a Ritz-Carlton and it sports a haunted room, #418. In this room, the lights are known to turn on and off by themselves, doors open and close on their own and the French doors' handles are rumored to jiggle if you close them after they have strangely opened on their own according to


The Inn on Ferry Street 

Location: 84 E Ferry St, Detroit, MI 48202

Story: The Detroit Free Press reports that  Back in the 1980s, the story goes, a man was shot by an angry waitress when he didn't leave a big enough tip. He now haunts Room 117 at the Red Apple Restaurant and Inn in Wayne - hiding the TV remote, moving the Bible, and shrinking the bottles of shampoo.


Landmark Inn 

Location: 230 N Front St, Marquette, MI 49855

StoryIt is said that during the 1930s, when the hotel was still named the Northland Hotel, a spinster librarian and a crewman fell in love and made Marquette their home. The crewman was planning to marry his great love after his final cruise; however, the ship was swept away carrying the entire crew down with the ship. The librarian never recovered and died shortly after of a broken heart. It is reported, she looks out from the Lilac room on the 6th floor, waiting for her lover to return.


The National House Inn

Location: 102 S Parkview, Marshall, MI 49068

Story: After renovations were made in 1976, ghostly activities were reported by employees and guests. There were multiple sightings of a ghostly woman in red floating through the halls. According to, "It is a guess that she is perhaps from the 20th century, maybe a woman who lived in the apartments. She could have been somehow connected to or was involved in the dangerous activity of selling the booze and partying in the basement, which could've been a force in her death.  Most booze came from mob connections. Other unsavory characters were also attracted to such black market activities. She could have been a 19th-century railroad traveler, a guest in the hotel, who met a bad end, and decided to stay at a place that she felt at home."


Nahma Inn

Location: 13747 Main St, Nahma, MI 49864

Story: The Nahma Inn says there are several stories about the resident ghost, though one thing everyone agrees on is that it is the spirit of Nell Fleming, “Miss Nell.” Miss Nell’s beau, Charlie Good, was the founder of the Bay de Noquet Lumber Company, and the most popular story says that after Charlie left her, she kept watch from a second-story window, waiting for his return. Her ghost is said to still be seen there, watching out the window for Charlie. Visitors who stay in “her” room often report that their things and even the bed are moved after they leave the room, even if just for a moment. Miss Nell is also known to organize things in the kitchen and rearrange objects when nobody is around! Patrons in the lounge have reported hearing footsteps and seeing glasses and dishes sliding off of tables.

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