It's like someone took a motorized wheelchair into one of those custom garage shows you see on TV and customized it for the beach and the trails. Michigan State Parks now have 4 new track chairs.

Michigan native Kali Pung has raised more than $2 million to provide 4 track chairs to make Michigan State Parks accessible for everyone. Paralyzed in a 2006 auto accident, Kali is on the move and making things happen. These "track chairs," off-road, electronic wheelchairs, can easily handle trails, snow, sand and even up to 8 inches of water, allowing users to explore areas of the parks where traditional wheelchairs might not be able to go.

It's a piece of equipment that's amazing and will do some amazing things for people that may not have had the opportunity  to enjoy this type of recreational experience before.

-Michigan Department of Natural Resources spokesperson

Free on a first-come, first-served basis at no cost to the individuals needing assistance, track charis are now available at Maybury, Muskegon and Tahquamenon Falls state parks, Belle Isle and Waterloo Recreation Area, thanks to the generosity of the Kali's Cure Foundation.

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