"Faith comes to life" at Immaculate Conception schools, and the stained glass windows at the new Catholic elementary school in Traverse City showcases the best of pure Michigan.

The New Testament doesn't mention sand dunes during Jesus' 30 day foray into the desert, but you will find them in the stained glass at this new Traverse City school. It is pure Michigan beauty as if crafted by the hand of God. The window is 16 feet tall and covers the angel Gabriel's announcement to May of the coming of the Christ child, beautifully depicted over 13 panels of stained glass.

We're thrilled. This is an incredible piece of glass and all of our students, all of our teachers are going to be able to enjoy it for many, many years.

-Eric Mulvany Director of Traverse Area Catholic School’s operations to UpNorthLive

The designer Richard Hanley says in addition to featuring the turquoise waters of Grand Traverse Bay and the sand dunes of Northern Michigan, the stained glass piece takes on a special significance now. “You know when you look at what happened in Notre-Dame this year with the huge fire, we are one of the few studios left in the United States that specializes in the ancient techniques of glass painting.”

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