When I stepped outside this morning, the air literally bit me. This could end up being one of the worst winters in terms of temperature in West Michigan history. But it doesn't have everyone down. Ryan Tremble and Grant Fox from Arenac County took to a frozen lake over the weekend and a funny idea spawned a video which has over a million views on Facebook.

The two went to Tremble's parents' house where they have a 5-acre pond and they made a giant "Ice Carousel." The original post appeared on Tremble's Instagram with the caption:

What do you do in Michigan when it's too cold to do anything else? You have a fire and make an ice carousel.

By the end of the day, they had cut 150-foot disc that was spinning slowly on top of the lake with the help of a Johnson 9.9 horsepower motor. Then they started a fire in the center and roasted marshmallows to toast their success:

These two corrections officers really know how to beat these winter blues. I can barely stand to be outside for more than 5 minutes. I'd take my hat off to these guys but it's too cold.

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