They say that karma will eventually catch up to you.  What goes around comes around and a thief in the state of Washington had a few things come around his way.

A CBS affiliate reported that a man by the name of William Kelley was busy stealing items from a business across the street from where he parked his pickup in Kennewick, Washington.

As he was robbing that business a person riding a bike saw that this brilliant man left his keys on the seat of his pickup, so he probably said to himself thank you very much and threw his bike in the back of the pickup and drove off.

You may be thinking to yourself this could not get any funnier, well it can and it did.

This brilliant thief actually calls the police moments after robbing the business across the street and reports his pickup stolen, his1992 Chevy pickup.

During the investigation into the stolen vehicle the police somehow discover that Mr. Kelley was stealing items from the business across the street.  The brilliant Mr. Kelley was then booked on an outstanding warrant and a new burglary charge.

Brilliant just brilliant, by the way they are still looking for the pickup.

Check out the video from CBS Local News yourself:

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