Think Summer Sports! Registration Now Open for Adult Co-Ed Leagues

Photo: Todd Arena, ThinkStock

Love to compete or just get active with friends? Sign up for one of Kalamazoo Sport and Social Club's Summer sports leagues.

Registration is now open for adult co-ed teams wanting to play soccer, grass volleyball, flag football or kickball. Most seasons run from early May to the end of June and you don't need a complete team to register, individuals are welcome to sign up.

In fact, that's the fun of Kalamazoo Sport and Social Club- getting social. Food and drink specials are offered at a local restaurant/bar following most games (and it won't cost you $15 for an 8 oz. Bud Light like at the ballpark).

So get off the couch and get in the game with Kalamazoo Sport and Social Club- where Kalamazoo comes to play.

Bonus Video: Summer Campsite Games