So I used this website to have it generate a story about Kalamazoo and I can't stop laughing. Enjoy (all AI-Generated text is bold & italicized):

The city of Kalamazoo continues to need donations of water, food, and other items to help those affected by flooding. There are donation bins at Riverview Park, Lippert Park, and Portage Creek. Dozens of homes were forced to be turned into play zones on Saturday, with all the children's toys and bikes donated to the shelters. There is also a bin set up at The Dow Event Center at 1155 S. Division. It is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If there is one word that could sum up Kalamazoo, it would be resilient.

"We can adapt to anything. So, for us, we're used to this," said Judy Johnson, who has lived on Main Street for 37 years. 
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Johnson had been cleaning her basement for hours on Saturday. She found two gerbils, a Cecil Fielder Rookie card, and a $25 door. She just knew she had to open her door. "It's part of the American way," she said. "When it's a disaster, you need to come together and help the people and it's a great town and a great city to live in a door like this."
Another Resident, Wink Dinkerson is a professional at preparing for the unexpected. He owns Mackie's Upholstery. On Saturday he started to gather water. "It doesn't hurt. You don't need much. If you have all the water you need," he said. Dinkerson married his water in 2018. As soon as they moved in, he started storing water in the basement."There was a gas leak," he said. "We spent two weeks getting our house fixed. You can't get water. You need to get water."

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