If you've lived in Michigan you're whole life, watching people try to pronounce local town names is probably a little amusing. After all, how hard can it be?

Well, as someone who lived outside of Michigan until two years ago, let me tell you...it's PRETTY HARD. Of course, this is coming from someone who lived in Florida where we had towns like Apalachicola, Kissimmee, and Wewahitchka so...who am I to talk?

Recently, a woman put her California boyfriend to the test with a few Michigan town names just to see how he did. Honestly? He did pretty well. Take a look:

He did better than I did when I first moved here. Especially on "Ypsilanti". Of course, who could possibly guess that Mackinac is actually pronounced "Mac-In-Aw" or that Sault Ste. Marie is pronounced "Soo Saint Marie"?

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People in the comments were equally supportive and even gave a few more suggestions of other town names that should be tested:

He came close on a couple - AndyJames8565

I am from Michigan and I get them wrong 😂 - Kim Walters 

Lmao I’m from Michigan and I have no idea where it is or how to pronounce Milan, MI - DeNari Celian

Tahquamenon falls next 😂 - Max 

And finally,

I’d love to see him react to how they’re actually pronounced 😂 - AlisonKrystal 

Alison wasn't alone with that request so, Lauren, or @laurenbusuito on Tiktok, happily obliged:

Of course, this only created more confusion for the non-Michigander. But, he has a point. How do you look at Mackinac and NOT think there's a hard K sound at the end? Or, why would anyone guess that Milan is pronounced as "My-Lan"?

As Lauren mentions in her video, a lot of the town names are derived from the French but, also Native Americans. You can read the full history of Michigan town names at michigan.org.

There are some other oddly named towns in Michigan but these are not difficult to pronounce. They may, on the other hand, be difficult to explain...

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