Can you guess? Is it a metropolis, village, hamlet or burg?  Research shows you should steer clear of this West Michigan town.

Insurance website QuoteWizard analyzed a half a million claims filed in Michigan to rank the worst drivers. They also took into consideration accidents, DUIs, speeding tickets and other citations and came to the conclusion that Holland, Michigan has the worst drivers in the state?

Is it the wooden shoes?

Taking the top spot for Michigan's worst drivers, Holland might have stirred a debate on whether east or west Michigan has the worst drivers. The following worst-driving cities are eastern, but with Holland being in the west, it's up for debate among rivals. Holland borders Ottawa and Allegan counties. In 2017, Ottawa county had 5.94 fatalities per 100,000 people while Allegan county had 11.16. Drivers: Be careful in the southern parts of Holland.


Many of the top 10 are Detroit suburbs with Grand Rapids ranking #11. Kalamazoo ranks 18 out of 50, with Portage further down at 24 and Battle Creek comes in at 36- good job, Cereal City! Remember, this is like golf, a lower score is better on the 'worst drivers' list.

You can see the complete study and rankings here and argue all you want but we can all agree we are still paying too much for car insurance in Michigan.

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