You and I. We live in scary times. As the coronavirus keeps wowing them on it's "Never Saw Me Coming, Did You?" world tour, scientists are looking for a vaccine for the disease, or at least a better understanding of how the virus affects people. And for that - they'll need to examine, close up, people who have been infected with the virus.

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According to, hVIVO, a British research company, is looking for volunteers to be infected with a mild form of coronavirus so they can run trials on them. "24 lucky volunteers will be selected at a time", which leads me to believe there will be multiple trials. If selected, you'll spend 2 weeks in quarantine, in a lab in London. And you'll be paid about $4500. (I looked for more info about this on their website and came up empty - maybe you can find it)

Would you do it? If not how much would it take?

And if you're not interested in contracting the coronavirus - perhaps you would be open to attending hVIVO's FluCamp. I kid you not - click here.

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