Gather round your smartphones, kids, and I'll tell you a story. Before there were digital downloads, and CD's and even cassettes and 8- track tapes, recorded music started out on vinyl "records".

record player detail
ThinkStock; AlKane

While vinyl now is just a tiny fraction of the music business, there are still avid aficionados who swear by the "warmer" sound they say comes from them.

We ran across a website that is to vinyl music what Harry's is to shaving. Magnolia Record Club says it will send you a record a month, for a fee, as part of a subscription service.

While none of the artists offered are particularly famous, it is a true throwback to a by-gone era. And it's website has a cool spinning record album graphic.

All you need now is to find a turntable. What's a turntable? Well, gather round the smartphones, kids and let me tell you a story....

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