As we get into winter we are coming close to one of the most cherished winter past times, and that's sledding down steep hills. When I was a kid it was always tradition that you went sledding until your feet were frozen and then you went back to warm up with some cocoa. That right there still speaks to me, and although sledding is supposed to be fun, it also comes with its dangers. Walking around Kalamazoo I've been looking for some fun spots to go sledding this winter, when I cam across a hill that should be off limits.

There is one hill I feel only a crazy person would even think about going down, and I'll explain why it's a bad idea. Davis Park located off of Davis St. in the Vine Neighborhood is an awesome location during the summer to exercise, play with the dog, picnic or hang out with friends. The massive flatland spread is the perfect place for a number of activities, everything except sledding. The hill that overlooks Davis Park is the back end of Heritage Hall, and for anyone foolish to sled down the hill, you could potentially get seriously injured.

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The hill starts off at a nice angle and slope, but a little before halfway down, the hill shoots out straight. Anyone sledding would easily take over a 30 foot plunge to the ground, which doesn't sound like fun at all. In fact, that kind of a drop could seriously injure you or worse.

Just keep in mind that sledding is supposed to be thrilling, not killing, so don't get too crazy.

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