For centuries, scholars and scientists alike have debated how Stonehenge was assembled... until a retired man from Lapeer cracked the mystery and built one in his backyard.

I never saw this story when it initially made the rounds back in 2003, and I'm no Stonehenge expert. In fact, my knowledge of the ancient structure is limited to that which is divulged in the Spinal Tap song on the matter (see below). Honestly, I was totally cool with that being my only point of reference on the monument, until I saw the above video about Wally Wallington of Lapeer.

Wally, a retired construction worker, had a hobby of figuring out how to move giant objects using primitive methods. He had become so skilled in the subject, he even moved a 30x40 pole barn using nothing but stones, counterweights, and levers -- all things that could've been used by man as far back as 3000 B.C., which is when archaeologists believe Stonehenge was built in Wiltshire, England.

This is the same method that Wallington used to move cement blocks weighing over 9 tons to build his Stonehenge replica in his backyard, which is actually in Lapeer County, not Flint as is said in the above video.

It's a bit of a goose chase trying to find anything recent about the project -- it's mostly broken links and dead ends. Unfortunately, that's what trying to track down a story on the internet from 2003 is like. I did find an MLive story that basically said "check out this Detroit News story on Wally," which was linked to a dead page. Awesome.

I did find some other stuff -- DVDs, a now defunct website for Wally's projects (, a few more in depth videos (one seen below), etc., but what I'm really looking for are some images of what he's built since then. Did he build a complete replica of Stonehenge? If so, where is it? Is Wally still around? These are all questions I'd love to have answered. I'd also like to get an up-close look at that bad boy if it still stands... and maybe a selfie with it. If you know anything about this, let us know in the comments or please email Thanks in advance.

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