You can rent a bowling alley and it will come to you.

I stumbled upon a Detroit News article about this genius invention this morning. Terence Jackson Jr., of Southfield, MI did more than come up with a killer idea.  He created a stunning mobile bowling alley.  You can click here to see photos of the inside of this 53-foot-long semi trailer that he converted into an on-demand party on wheels.  Luxury Strike, the world's first mobile bowling alley and lounge, will service a 30 mile radius of Southfield.  Any of us further away will have to pay extra.

Looks like an awesome bachelor party or birthday party set up.  This does look idea for family events as well as grown parties.  If you are with in that 30 mile radius of Southfield you can have the party delivered to your location for $500.  That's for 2 hours of bowling fun and can accommodate up to 15 people.  There is a two hour minimum to rent the Luxury Strike.  You can rent it for up to 5 hours for just $1,000.

Which made me wonder what other types of entertainment could we put wheels on.  Maybe a karaoke trailer.  Ooh, how about mobile movies?  I'll pass on mobile archery.

What type of normally stationary entertainment would you like to converted into a mobile unit like Luxury Strike?  Let us know in the comments.

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