It's no secret that the housing market is insane right now, average home prices in the state are up nearly 20% with home prices seeing their highest inflation-adjusted prices since 2003. That means rental rates have increased across the board as well.

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In Grand Rapids, the average rental rate for an apartment is nearly $1300 a month, so when I saw a house for rent on Zillow, with access to Gun Lake, for that same price, it caught my eye.

For anyone who enjoys Michigan's lakes, owning a home with direct access to the water is unfortunately too expensive for most. But this home located in Shelbyville is ONLY $1300 a month. Usually, rentals on the lake are only for the off-season, so you can only 'live' in them from about October-April, but this home offers an 18-month lease that would take you through the summer of 2022 with access to one of West Michigan's most popular lakes.

The unit is listed as such:

2 Bedroom, 1 bath Gun Lake Waterfront home with boathouse and attached 2 stall garage. All new appliances except the refrigerator. New carpet and freshly painted.

Lease is 18 months. Owner pays for trash and sewer. Tenant pays for own lawncare and snow removal. Dogs may be allowed with prior landlord approval. Renovations ongoing with new windows, siding and seawall to be installed soon. Tenant pays for application and background checks. Non - smoking tenant preferred.

Sure the no-smoking may be a dealbreaker for some, but otherwise, this seems like a great price for lake life. Why hasn't it been snatched up yet? Let's take a look at the pics.

📷 Zillow/Triple K RE LLC

Okay this isn't too bad, it's a nice view of the channel, but why is that heating vent open???

📷 Zillow/Triple K RE LLC

Well, this looks a little murky, but I guess that's kinda normal.

📷 Zillow/Triple K RE LLC

Ummmm, this picture is just random wire on a carpet and it's blurry?

Wait, THAT'S IT? Three pictures and THESE are the ones the owner chooses?

Maybe for $1300 a month, that's all they need to do, but it's no surprise that as of this posting, the home is still available for rent.

At least the house allows dogs, maybe one of these cutest dogs in West Michigan could call it home?