New laws take effect in January and may cost you money; take a look at three new Michigan laws.

One may increase your paycheck but 2 other new Michigan laws for 2017 will likely dent your wallet. Here are 3 new legislative statutes now in effect in the Great Lakes State.

1.  Minimum Wage Increase

  • Michigan's minimum wage has been increased by 40 cents to $8.90 an hour. We did the math and that means $16 more a week, $832 a year.

2.  Higher Fees for Vehicle Registration

  • We told you about this one: Michigan's vehicle registration fees have gone up 20% in 2017 as a result of the state’s new road funding plan.

3.  Gas Tax Increase

  • A 7 cent hike in the gas tax puts Michigan's rate in the Top 5 in the entire country. No doubt you've noticed prices at the pump went up more than just 7 cents on January 1.

Three new Michigan laws that may affect your finances in 2017.

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