The Tigers reached the bottom of the league last season and could be there again. Tigers manager, Ron Gardenhire could be setting a milestone of his own in 2020.

According to Major League Baseball, Ron Gardenhire could move into fifth all time for managerial ejections in baseball.

The milestone is part of a list of 7 strange milestones that could happen in 2020.  Gardenhire is currently 7th on the all time list of ejections with 83.   If he gets thrown out of 4 games this season, he will pass Tony La Russa and Frankie Frisch and be in the top 5.

The all time leader according to baseball reference dot com is former Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox with 158.

He has a long way to go to catch Bobby but he should make it to top five during the season.  If he makes the top 5 next up would be longtime Orioles manager, Earl Weaver at 94.

We'll see if he can reach that milestone when the Tigers open their 2020 season on the road March 26th in Cleveland.

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